It’s Time to Get #MoreGirlsOnBikes

Girls Riding Trails (GRiT) is our outreach initiative focused on recruiting and retaining female student-athletes, coaches and volunteers. Why does the league need special measures to recruit more girls and women if programming is inclusive and equal? Although we have been successful in providing equal opportunities to everyone once they’re participating in our programs, we can only be truly equal when we address that some females may at times need different things to feel welcome and invited into league activities.

Initiative Goals

  • Inspire young women to build confidence, strength of character and empowerment through mountain biking
  • Provide a fun and welcoming sisterhood for all participants, regardless of experience and ability
  • Provide role models for female student-athletes through increasing women involved in leadership roles with the league

The Sisterhood Is…  

  • All girls who participate in the Arizona Interscholastic Cycling League
  • All women who volunteer for the league as coaches, ride leaders or other roles
  • All females who support getting more girls on bikes and are committed to helping increase numbers of girls participating in the AICL

What Can You Do To Help?

Volunteer! In order for off-season events and a variety of race day activities to come to life, committed volunteers are needed. Your support, feedback and ideas are an integral part of the initiative. Spread the word to all of the girls and women you know. Tell them about the league and outreach events, and encourage them to join in.


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