League Membership Fee – $100

Race Package (registration for all five races; optional):

  • High school – $150
  • Middle school – $100

Individual Race Registration (optional):

  • High school – $60 per race
  • Middle school – $40 per race

NOTE: Many teams assess additional fees to cover kits and team operating costs.


Background Check: Year 1 – $38, Years 2-6 – $11, Year 7 – $38

License Fee – $30

NOTE: Depending on which coach license level you are working toward, there are additional costs to consider (e.g., Coaches Summit, first aid training, etc.)


Team Registration – $75


What does the League Membership Fee cover?

  • The League Membership Fee covers participation in all AICL-sanctioned activities – including preseason events, practices, league hosted workshops – and insurance for all of those activities.
  • League Membership Fee deadline: September 9, 2020. After the deadline, enrollment is closed and student-athletes may no longer sign up to participate during the current season.
  • Your team’s registration deadline may differ from the league’s deadline. Teams have the authority to close registration earlier than the league deadline in the interest of organizing the team, ordering kits and preparing riders for the race series.

What does the Race Package cover?

  • The Race Package covers registration for all races during the season – five races, including make-up race, if needed.
  • The Race Package may not be broken up based on race attendance (no pro-rating for missed races) and is not refundable after September 9 (exceptions may be made for season-ending injuries).
  • Race Package deadline: August 26, 2020. Beginning August 27, registration will be available on an individual race basis only.

What if I’m not sure if I want to race or I can’t attend all of the races?

  • Student-athletes must pay only the League Membership Fee to participate in league-sanctioned non-race activities. If or when riders choose to race, they may then pay for the Race Package (through August 26, 2020) or register for individual races (beginning August 27, 2020).

What if I can’t afford to pay the fees?

What is the league’s refund policy?

  • You will find the league’s refund policy here.