Participation Fees

Participation Fees2019-03-11T06:47:40-07:00


Membership Fee – $100

Race Package (registration for all five races; optional):

  • High school – $150
  • Middle school – $100

Individual Race Registration (optional):

  • High school – $60 per race
  • Middle school – $40 per race


Background Check: Year 1 – $38, Years 2-6 – $11, Year 7 – $38

License Fee – $30

NOTE: Depending on which coach license level you are working toward, there are additional costs to consider (e.g., Coaches Summit, first aid training, etc.)


Team Registration – $75


What does the Membership Fee cover?

  • The Membership Fee covers participation in all AICL-sanctioned activities – including preseason events, practices, league hosted workshops – and insurance for all of those activities.
  • Membership Fee deadline: September 4, 2019. After the deadline, enrollment is closed and student-athletes may no longer sign up to participate during the current season.

What does the Race Package cover?

  • The Race Package covers registration for all races during the season – five races, including make-up race, if needed.
  • The Race Package may not be broken up based on race attendance (no pro-rating for missed races) and is not refundable (exceptions may be made for season-ending injuries).
  • Race Package deadline: September 4, 2019. After the deadline, race registration will be available on a per-race basis only.

What if I’m not sure if I want to race or I can’t attend all of the races?

  • Student-athletes must pay only the Membership Fee to participate in league-sanctioned non-race activities. If or when riders choose to race, they may then pay for the Race Package (until September 4, 2019) or register for individual races.

What if I can’t afford to pay the fees?

  • Student-athletes and coaches may apply for financial aid through the league. The scholarship application can be found on our website and will open April 1, 2019.